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Dara Hannon

Dara Hannon lives in the US with her two cats. When relaxing, she enjoys reading, doing crafts and MMORPGs. She admits to being a coffee addict who can’t stand the taste of espresso.

Harry Heckel

Harry Heckel has published roleplaying games and fiction for almost two decades, including several books for White Wolf Game Studio. He co-authored two novels for Black Library under the pen name “Lee Lightner,” Sons of Fenris and Wolf’s Honour, now collected in the Space Wolf Omnibus, Vol.2.

Twitter: WriterHarryH



Wayland Smith

Wayland Smith is the pen name for a native Texan who has lived in Massachusetts, New York, Washington DC, and presently makes his home in Virginia.  His rather unlikely list of jobs includes private investigator, comic book shop owner, ring crew for a circus (then he ran away from the circus and joined home), deputy sheriff, and freelance stagehand.  Wayland is a four time participant in, and survivor of, NaNoWriMo, having made the 50,000 word goal each time.  A black belt in shao lin kung fu, he is also a fan of comic books, reading, writing, and various computer games (I’ll shut Civ down in one more turn.  Really).  He lives with a beautiful woman who was crazy enough to marry him, and a goofy dog with a fondness for peanut butter and white wine.

Brad A. White

Brad A. White is the pseudonym for an author who lives in the U.S., where he is married to his real-life muse. When not writing, he enjoys reading, wargames, being a dad to his sons, and running roleplaying sessions. Find him at:

Twitter: BradleyAWhite

Facebook: BradWhiteA



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