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A Pearl for Her Eyes by Brad A. White

A Pearl for Her Eyes Cover

A Jake Conrad Mythological Mystery

Available at:
Amazon (Kindle)
Amazon (Paperback)
Barnes & Noble (Nook)
Smashwords (All e-reader formats)

His last case ended with three legendary Muses buried on an L.A. hillside. Now private detective Jake Conrad is back in San Francisco, trying to put his life to rights. He has a nice, ordinary case – proving to a millionaire that his young wife is straying.

But the mythical world now knows about Jake. They are aware of a human detective who can take their cases. When a dragon shows up in Jake’s office, promising riches if Jake can simply find his missing pearl, how can Jake refuse the job?

Of course, Jake discovers that no case is simple when it involves dragons. From the San Francisco Bay to a mountain range haunted by World War II, Jake is thrust into a centuries-old supernatural war, as he desperately tries to reclaim an ancient treasure before he loses either his sanity or his life in A Pearl for Her Eyes.

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