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Souls of the Everwood by Harry Heckel

Souls of the Everwood Cover

Book 1 of the Krueger Chronicles

Available at:
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After Forest Guard Krueger lost his eye protecting the Everwood alongside the Fey, he found sanctuary in the church at Ostburg. They reforged him into a different man, a servant ordered to sin to protect the souls of others. Now, he can no longer live the life that the church demands. As he tries to find his own way in the world as part of a mercenary company, he must return to the Everwood and… Elianna.

The truth that he learns beneath the boughs of the Everwood challenges all of his beliefs and forces him to decide where his true loyalties lie. With the aid of the masked warrior woman, Saren, he must use his skills, his wits and his guns to face ancient powers, but the true battle may be the one he fights for his own heart and soul.

Souls of the Everwood is a dark fantasy tale and the first book in the Krueger Chronicles.

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